HVAC Integrated Systems & Complete Solution

We – OASIS – can supply all HVAC equipment and accessories directly from Europe to you at Egypt.

All your needs from central air conditioning equipment and the necessary accessories to complete your whole system are now available from one place – OASIS. One visit to us and you will finish your HVAC project whatever the kind of your building or application.
We supply reliable products from trustable manufactures, all the products are 100% made in Europe.


Air Systems

Air Systems
Whatever the design of your system is – Chilled water OR Direct expansion – we can do it.

Creativity and problem solving

Creativity and problem solving
We would like to inform the HVAC consultants that they can put any design they want, as we can provide our customers with a wide range of new and strange products in the HVAC field which helps to solve many problems which faces the consultant while designing any HVAC project.
So, break the routine and use one or more from our new products as your dreams are our commands.

Integrated Systems

Integrated Systems
We can supply the whole system together to guarantee that all equipment will be integrated and matched with each-other. Also communication cards are buses are available upon your request to make sure that all units are suitable and seen by the Building Management System (BMS).
Just identify the Master/Slave units to be set at the factory before delivery.

Installation & Operation

Installation & Operation
All supplied units are with manuals to guide you through the installation and operation processes.
HVAC contractors can do the installation easily by using our manuals and it will be our pleasure to help you in the operation if you face any problem.


To offer a wide range of reliable products and solutions covering almost all the needs of the HVAC systems, we – OASIS – succeeded to gain the honor of representing the following top European equipment/components manufacturers.
















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عقد سيمينار لشركة “FlowCon” الدنماركية

بحضور لفيف من استشاري ومقاولى التكييف المركزي, تم عقد سيمينار لشركة “FlowCon” الدنماركية المتخصصة في صناعة جميع أنواع المحابس وذلك بفندق “Dusit Thani” يوم الاحد الموافق 18 مارس 2018 نشكركم علي تشريفكم لنا وحضوركم الكريم.

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