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MEP&A Oasis is an online market offering a very wide range of local and imported engineering products for the
following sectors:
1. Mechanical (HVAC and FF).
2. Electrical.
3. Plumbing.
4. Architectural.
Serving both professionals and investors, we do not only sell specialized engineered products but also offering many
services to our customers helping them reaching the optimum products for their application, achieving their projects
with reasonable cost and minimal time.
All your needs from engineering products to finish your project after construction, are here.
Do it yourself and get technical/financial offers easily in a few minutes 24/7, save your offers and proceed purchasing

Who is targeted by this on-line market?
1. Electromechanical contractors.
2. Architecture and interior design engineers.
3. Mechanical/Electrical engineers.
4. Projects owners.
5. Real estate developers.

Our mission
Delivering integrated systems and complete solutions which meet our customers& expectations with reasonable cost.

Our vision
Providing the international market with a fast loop useful tool to accelerate the motivation of the development process
and push it forward.

Our strategy
Working hard on getting back the balance of the construction sector by making sure of using fair play rules between
suppliers and end users with the elimination of intruders and fighting the fake discounts.

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