Optimum Air Systems & Industrial Supplies

We ‘Optimum Air Systems and Industrial Supplies (OASIS)” are an Egyptian company working in the Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning field.

Our ambition is to be one of the leaders in the climate control through not offering only reliable products from trustable European manufacturers but also by providing our customers with solutions for all kinds of heat exchange problems.

We almost cover the whole range of HVAC products, so one visit to us will be enough to buy all your needs to put your building under control. Whatever the type of your building, we have the suitable system for it.

Special products for hospitals, pharmaceutical and heavy industries are available too upon your request.

Company's Activities

 Simply, you will be able to control the following essential parameters for both air and water;

  • Temperature.

  • Flow rates.

  • Distribution/Diffusion systems.

Also, enhancing your climate quality regarding;

  • Environment pollution (Fumes and smoke).

  • Odors.

  • Purity and hygiene requirements
    (Particles and Micro-organisms).

  • Relative Humidity and moisture
    [water Vapor].

  • Noise and vibration of the equipment.

Specialist Skills

Based on our long experience which extends over than 40 years, we are able to solve the climate control problems to enhance the productivity of both people and machines.
Choosing the best suitable HVAC product for each application/case will affect positively on the people/machine performance and the products themselves like in cane of some food or pharmaceutical industries.
So, we are not only capable of controlling your climate but also your process.

Key Services & Skills

Industrial Supplies
We would like to inform the HVAC consultants that they can put any design they want, as we can provide our customers with a wide range of new and strange products in the HVAC field which helps to solve many problems which faces the consultant while designing any HVAC project.

So, break the routine and use one or more from our new products as your dreams are our commands.

Air Systems
Whatever the design of your system is – Chilled water OR Direct expansion – we can do it.
Installation & Operation
All supplied units are with manuals to guide you through the installation and operation processes.

HVAC contractors can do the installation easily by using our manuals and it will be our pleasure to help you in the operation if you face any problem.

Integrated Systems
We can supply the whole system together to guarantee that all equipment will be integrated and matched with each-other. Also communication cards are buses are available upon your request to make sure that all units are suitable and seen by the Building Management System (BMS).

Just identify the Master/Slave units to be set at the factory before delivery.